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Southern Chemical Supply, Inc.

POLY-GONE® Polymer Dispersant & Belt Wash Anti-Blinding Systems

Priority Pollutant Scan EPA Method 624
Priority Pollutant Scan EPA Method 625
Acute Toxicity Analysis

No Caustics,  No Ammonias, No Solvents, No Acids,  Neutral pH, No Sodium Metasilicate
§  Guaranteed 16,000:1 Dilution Ratio on Belt Filter Presses

Improves Sludge Solids, Improves Belt-Filter Press Throughput, Cleans Polymer Tanks, Cleans Polymer Lines, Cleans Slippery Polymer Spills, Ends Belt Blinding from Polymer & Sludge Buildup

§  The only product to use to disperse polymer for polymer spills, polymer pumps and for polymer line cleaning!
§  Reduces sludge hauling costs.
§  Reduces your polymer consumption drastically.
§  Passes Acute Toxicity of fresh and salt-water species.
§  Eliminates power washing or additional cleaning cycles.
§  Safe for process, equipment and operators.
§  Passes Priority Pollutants for land application of your sludge.
§  Injected into your wash water lines and goes directly into your wash box for constant belt cleaning.
§  Increases your Gallons Per Minute of sludge processing.