Southern Chemical Supply, Inc.


       We assist manufacturers in the chemical selection process that results in more cost-effective operations.  SCSI provides chemicals, equipment, supplies and service programs. 
       Our people have been involved with the supply and management of chemical applications for 30 years. In all that time, clients have consistently demanded top quality products at the lowest possible overall cost.  In most cases, it is not just the price per gallon, but the effect of a change on the whole process that needs to be examined.  In addition, our intent is that you use the least amount of chemical product possible, because we deal with the disposal aspects as well. 
       Service after the sale is vital to the relationship with our client. We earn clients trust by ensuring that the performance of a chemical product, a piece of equipment or a service program exceeds expectations. We do this by regularly visiting the facility to make certain everything is working properly.
      Southern Chemical Supply is all about making your business run smoothly and more cost effectively. Our experience has saved clients literally millions of dollars on one of the costliest indirect materials you deal with, chemicals.  Not so much through a reduction in the price per gallon, but through reduced usage, recycling projects and determining the proper material for the application.  Greater amounts have been saved from improved operational flow, tool life enhancements, part quality and reduced scrap rates and disposal costs. We would be more than happy to perform a survey of your operations to determine if savings could be achieved.
      SCSI stands ready to assist companies in their effort to save money.  Our focus is to make your operations as cost effective as possible.