Southern Chemical Supply, Inc.

Chemical Management Programs

Chemical Management Programs typically achieve savings by: 

  • consolidated purchasing
  • product use reduction
  • engineering & technical methods
  • product substitution

The 'normal' program procedures.  ( Always adaptable )

Management of commodity products - machine lubricants, floor cleaners, non-critical manufacturing support chemicals - requires approval of the Environmental & Chemical Team

Management of specialty chemicals --  Manufacturing Process Chemicals - requires approval of the Manufacturing Staff and Environmental & Chemical Team


SCSI’s strategy is to develop and implement a partnership, which allows an adaptable process control program, utilizing focused chemical process control expertise to support our clients manufacturing operations.  The partnership is structured to assure both our client and SCSI have common goals and are rewarded for success.  Standard Operating Procedures and Operational Plans will be the key to the programs success.

To assure the highest level of expertise is available to our client, SCSI brings key personnel to the program. SCSI personnel have significant experience in these types of programs.  Utilizing our experience, personnel, and products will assure a highly successful program.  One type of program allows SCSI to act as a Tier I Supplier for all of the current chemicals at the client’s facilities.

The goal is to provide focused expertise on chemical processes, products, and support equipment allowing the client to focus its assets on the manufacture and assembly of world-class parts.  SCSI will commit our resources to this partnership. 
SCSI will become the primary chemical contact with the client. If warranted, we will provide an experienced full-time Site Manager and support personnel who will provide on-site oversight of the entire program.

We look forward to visiting your facility and assessing the contribution SCSI can make to your operations.