SCSI is an independent manufacturers representative for a number of companies.  We have 32 years of experience in saving clients money with regard to  a wide array of chemical applications.  Through monitoring systems, equipment applications and product optimizations, we’ve saved clients literally millions of dollars.

Chemical Management Programs

​The goal is to provide focused expertise on chemical processes, products, and support equipment allowing the client to focus its assets on the manufacture and assembly of world-class parts 


Southern Chemical Supply, Inc.

Water  Treatment Chemicals

SCSI will provide in-house jar testing of our coagualnts and flocculants.  

Metalworking Fluids & Equipment

Coolants, Cleaners, Rust Inhibitors, Quenching Fluids, Precise Applied Lubricants, Metal Forming Lubes. 

Waste Treatment Chemicals

Municipal & Industrial -

​In-house jar testing will be conducted to ensure excellent results.